Left to right: Guy, Vernon, Lloyd, Lynn, Winford, Owen Parmer Shirley (father), Millie Kate


 Lynn Haley Shirley's Family

Standing L-R: Hugo, Gerald and Ronald

Sitting L-R: Lee Ray, Alpha and Lynn Shirley 


Alpha and Lynn Shirley


Pauline and baby Leona Shirley

(Ronald Shirley's 1st wife and eldest child were both killed in an auto accident in 1959)  

Pauline, Leona 4 yrs old, Kathy 2 yrs old, Ronald Clay 6 weeks old, and Milley Haley Shirley, Owen Parmer's wife, were in this car when run over by a school bus. 

Kathy was the only survivor found wondering around near the accident in 1959 Gilroy, California. She was not hurt, and only a small patch of hair (size of a silver dollar) was missing from her head as though it had been shaved. No physical injury. That was a miracle. Sun blinded Pauline who was the driver of this car on a country road.


Loyd Parmer Shirley

sitting: Loyd, Betty and son David Shirley

standing: daughters Mary, Linda and Wanda


Betty and Loyd Shirley with daughter's

Mary, Linda and Wanda 

Betty Shirley #1

(There are 3 Betty Shirley's in our family and we are all 3 second wives to our husbands)



Lera Maxine Shirley


Maxine Shirley and Harold McQuilliams wedding photo

Maxine and Harold with daughters Carol and Leta


Standing: Carol, Dennis and Leta

Sitting: Maxine and Harold McQuilliams



Lillian Opal Shirley

Opal and Orval Kenney 

Wedding photo


Standing: Jimmy Kenney, son of Opal and Orval

Sitting left to right: Jimmy's daughter Amy and his wife Ruth 


Winford Blan Shirley


Modena and Pete Shirley

(Pete's first wife)


Delorice and Don Jensen

(Pete and Modena's daughter and her husband)


Ronna and Pete (Winford) and baby Lonna Shirley 

(Pete's second wife)

R-L: Lonna, Joanne, Delorice, Christina and their father Pete Shirley 

(Joanne and Delorice are daughter's of Modena, Lonna and Christina are daughter's of Ronna)


Winford 'Pete' Shirley

(last known photo of Pete)


Mildred Gertrude Shirley

Glen, Mildred, James and Charlene Massey


Glen and Charlene Massey 


Ila Edwina Shirley

Ila, Robbie, Bob and Rita Kaster


Robbie and his wife, Verna, Bob, Rita and her husband Art

(Bob was Ila's Shirley's husband, Robbie and Rita are her children. Bob m. 2nd Verna)


Vernon Curtis Shirley

Evelyn and Vernon Shirley

Curt, Evelyn, Verla and Carl Shirley 


Guy Murray Shirley

(My husband and more for him on our page) 

Guy Murray Shirley

Guy Shirley

(17 years old)


Guy Shirley

Melba Foreman Shirley 

(Guy's first wife killed in automobile accident)


Guy and Melba's 1952 auto accident 



L-R: Loyd, Maxine, Lynn 

Standing: Ollene 


Vernon and Guy Shirley


L-R: Mildred, Lynn, Maxine, Winford (Pete), Ila, Loyd, Opal, (in front row), Vernon and Guy Shirley


L-R: Guy, Vernon, Ila, ?, Mildred, ?, Millie sitting on steps and I assume O.P. standing but can't see because of the bad condition of photo.


Standing L-R: Winford, Lynn, Loyd, Guy and Vernon Shirley

Sitting L-R: Opal, Ila, Maxine and Mildred



L-R: Opal, Orval, Mildred, James, Guy and Pete


L-R Betty Shirley #2 holding Dorene, Guy, Alfred Bartholomew (Betty's grandfather), Hugo, Esther, Betty Shirley #3, Ronald, Lee Ray holding son Vaden, Joyce, Alfa and Lynn Shirley

L-R  kids: Donna, Dale, Gerald, Kathy and Kevin Shirley 


Shirley Cousins

Back row: Curt, Robbie, Delorice, Jim, 

Front row: Rita, Verla, Charlene, Shirley and Carl