Scott surname

John Scott born ca. 1762 Scotland or Ireland, died Jan 13, 1844 Chippewa Township, Beaver Co. Pennsylvania, m. Elizabeth Crawford in Ireland. She was born 1759 in Downs, Ireland. She died July 25, 1853 PA.

Elizabeth came to America with her children and David Scott born Mar 31, 1763, brother to her husband. John was imprisoned in Ireland at the time. They came to Delaware to live for a short time and John Scott soon joined them. They settled in Beaver County Pennsylvania.  MY GREAT- GREAT-GREAT-GREAT- GRANDPARENTS


1. William Scott Nov 23, 1794 Ireland d. May 22, 1862 Chippewa Township, Beaver Co. Pennsylvania, m.1st Rebecca Young Oct 27, 1814 d. Jan 20, 1837 PA, m. 2nd Ruth ___? June 8, 1838. He was in the War of 1812. MY GREAT- GREAT- GREAT- GRANDPARENTS


(1). Elizabeth Scott July 31, 1820 Beaver Co. PA d. Sept 13, 1907 Beaver Co. PA m. Andrew Watterson Dec 12, 1839 Beaver Co. PA. He was born Jan 13,1810 in Fifeshire parish in Scotland, d. July 15, 1898 Beaver, Pennsylvania. He came to America about 1831.

(2). John Scott Sept 23, 1821 d. Aug 14, 1822  

(3). James Stanley Scott Aug 8, 1823 Beaver Co. PA d. July 18, 1889 Clay Co. Kansas m.1st Prudence Morrow Nov 4, 1852 d. Nov 13, 1853 buried Hickory Cemetery in Tompkins Twp, Warren Co. Illinois, m. 2nd Margaret Hamilton Bishop Nov 22, 1854 in Monmouth, Warren Co. Illinois. She was born Nov 13,  1831 in Maddastan parish, Stirlingshire, Scotland. Died Jun 24, 1921Clifton, Clay Co. Kansas


A. Prudence Elizabeth Scott Sept 29, 1853 Monmouth, Warren Co. IL, d. Mar 24, 1916 (dau of 1st wife, Prudence), m. James Adam Chestnut Dec 14, 1871

B. Margaret Rebecca Scott Sept 22, 1855 Monmouth, Warren Co. IL, d. May 12, 1924 Idana Kansas, m. George H. Fullington Sept 15, 1875 Clay Co. Kansas 

C. Agnes Jane Scott Mar 8. 1857 Monmouth, Warren Co. IL, d. Aug 1956 Kansas City, KS m. 1st Robert Cannon Hall Sept 14, 1882 Clay Co. Kansas

D. Mary Emma Scott Aug 28, 1858 Monmouth, Warren Co. IL, d. June 31, 1906, m. Rudolph B. Trechsel Dec 30, 1885

E. William Ebenezer Scott April 22, 1860 Beaver Co. PA d. July 10, 1935 Wakeeny Kansas, m. Clara Elizabeth Foote Oct 5, 1881 Clay Co. Kansas

Children: born Clay Co. Kansas

(a). Stanley Richmond Scott Aug 23, 1882 

(b). Walter Everett Scott May 29, 1884 d. Aug 14, 1969

(c). Bertha Bell Scott Aug 21, 1885 d. Sept 7, 1886

(d). Thomas Scott Blackwood July 29, 1886

(e). Edith Viola Scott Oct 29, 1887

(f). Burton Foote Scott Feb 28, 1892 Ellis Co. Kansas

(g). Helen Martha Scott Sept __, 1893

(h). Ruth Lois Scott Feb 26, 1895

(i). Myrtle Marie Oct 7, 1900 Naotma, Kansas

F. John Rutherford Scott Aug 22, 1862 Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co. New York, d. Dec 1954, m. 1st. Mary P. Coleman Oct 9, 1892 m. 2nd Ida Moxcom Sept 10, 1896

G. Helen Martha Scott Sept 22, 1864 Postdam, St. Lawrence Co. New York, d. Mar 20, 1894

H. James Stanley Scott Aug 10, 1866 Postdam, St. Lawrence Co. New York, m. Laura Hammond June 27, 1899 Kansas

I. Viola Scott May 20, 1868 Postdam, St. Lawrence Co. New York, d.. Nov 6, 1968 m. John Chestnut Nov 25, 1886 Kansas, b. June 12, 1854 d. June 21, 1924 

J. Andrew Wylie Scott d. as infant in Kansas

K. Adda Belle Scott Nov 11, 1874 Clay Co. Kansas, m. Abel Arthur June 27, 1901

(4). John Young Scott Sept 6, 1825 Beaver Co. PA d. Mar 13, 1897 m. Mary Leach d. 1873


A. Lizzie Scott

B. William Scott

C. Belle Scott m. __Curry

(5). David Scott Sept 2, 1827 Beaver Co. PA d. Feb 14, 1898 m. 1st. Eleanor Edgar Sept 21, 1854 Beaver Co. PA who was born Feb 27, 1836. Her father came from Down Co. Ireland in 1818.


A. Mary Matilda Scott Jan 15, 1856 Beaver Co. PA d. 1922 m. Harve Robeson about 1899

B. Elizabeth Elcetta "Cattie"Scott  Jan 9, 1858 Beaver Co. PA d. Sept 29, 1933 Fairfax, Oklahoma, m. James Knox who d. 1928 Sterling Kansas

C. William Edgar Scott April 11, 1860 Beaver Co. PA d. April 30, 1860

D. Louetta Jane Scott Aug 13, 1861 Beaver Co. PA d. Jan 26, 1911 m. William Wells Jan 20, 1881 (cousin)

E. Ora Ellen Scott Oct 11, 1865 Beaver Co. PA d. April 12, 1867

F. Minnie Belle Scott Aug 25, 1868 d. Oct 24, 1928 Vadalia, MO m. Samuel Forsythe Sept 18, 1900

G. Robert Chalmer Scott Mar 13, 1871 d. Sept 2, 1872

H. Ada Viola Scott Sept 12, 1873 d. Oct 12, 1874

I. Lena Faye Scott Mar 28, 1876 d. April 12, 1940 m. F.A. Oline April 4, 1900 Kansas, he died May 24, 1951

(6). Jane Scott Oct 9, 1829 Beaver Co. PA d. July 14, 1858 m. William Calhoun


A. Scott Calhoun

(7). Robert Gibson Scott Nov 19, 1831 PA, d. Feb 29, 1876 McDonough Co. IL of Brights Disease. He was a carpenter and a good Christian man. He married Mary Isabelle Walker Dec 23, 1857 Walnut Grove, McDonough Co. Illinois. She was born Jan 9, 1829 IL. MY GREAT- GREAT- GRANDPARENTS. She was the the daughter of  Andrew Hammond Walker and Jane Campbell.

They were both Irish, Scotch and Welsh. 

Robert Gibson Scott and Mary Walker were married on the old Walker farm just south of the Pennell farm. They first lived in Raritan Illinois where their first child was born. Then they moved to the old Walker place where they had the rest of their family. The house was part log cabin.

Mary Isabelle Walker was the daughter of Andrew Walker and his wife, Jane Campbell. Andrew's brother, Quintus Walker, married Jane's sister, Mahala Campbell. They had a brother, Samuel Campbell. The Walkers came from Tennessee and the Campbell's from Kentucky. They were homesteaders and the Walker brothers owned 3/4 section of land that was known as the old Walker place near the Pennell farm.  Quintus Walker named his part "Deer Park". He had a high fence around a grove of Walnut trees and the deer jumped in with his deer and many stayed. There was quite a few deer along the creek by the Pennell farm. 

Just before Robert died, his brother came from Galesburg to visit him. Robert was very ill and in bed. It seems his brother needed to borrow some money as he used some dishonestly and was about to be in trouble with the law. So there was a debt put on the farm. A lawyer in Macomb fixed it to put half of the old farm in Preston's name to hold it so that's how he got the best half of the place and left Mary with the other half. Mary  managed to be out of debt on the farm before she died.

Shortly after Robert died a neighbor wanted a shrub to set out that Mary had. It was wet weather and Mary took the spade and got it for her. Mary became very ill with a cold and went into pneumonia. They thought she would die. Her baby was born and it died. It was such a sad time. 

Robert Gibson died leaving a widow, 6 children and a 7th on the way, born after his death.

Mary Walker Scott

(Gt. Gt. Grandma Scott)

Mary Walker Scott and her Dog Ponto


A. Alice Jane Scott Mar 14, 1859 Raritan, Warren Co. IL d. Jan 9, 1929 Goodhope IL, m. Edwin Fox Mar 19, 1879


(a). Edwin Robert Fox Jan 11, 1880  m. Hazel Morrow

(b). Walter Fox Jan 19, 1883 m. Maud Keppel

(c). Ross Emerson Fox Nov 26, 1884 d. Jan 31, 1885

(d). George  Harold Fox  Nov 10, 1885 m. Myrtle Smith

(e). Bertha Isabella Fox July 9, 1888 m. Vonderlieth  (had a daughter, Betty)

(f). Anna Fox Dec 16, 1892 (had a son).

B. William Preston Scott Jan 24, 1861 Warren Co. Illinois  m. Lulu Barrett Dec 30, 1897

Lulu, William Preston Scott with daughter Marguerite


William Preston Scott, daughter Marguerite, and wife Lulu Barrett Scott


Marguerite and Marshall Scott

Photo taken June 27, 1906


(a). Wilsey Marguerite Scott 1900 m. Lamoyne Boyd

(b). Robert Marshall Scott Apr 8, 1905 in Axel, Missouri, Kansas m. Helen ___?


i. Marylou Scott

ii. Ronald Scott

C. Florence Mabel Scott Sept 27, 1863 Warren Co. Illinois d. 1940 m. Fulton Walters Dec 24, 1883 in Walnut Grove, Illinois


(a). Pearle Beatrice Walters Nov 3, 1886 in Axtell, Kansas  d. young

(b). Fannie Belle "Floss' Walters Oct 22,1884 in Salisbury, Missouri, m. Ira Guy


i. Pearl Guy m. Glen Gibson

ii. Mildred Guy m. __ Gibson, brother of Glen Gibson 

Florence, Mildred, Floss and Grandma Scott  


D. Cynthia Rebecca Scott Nov 29, 1865 McDonough Co. Illinois d. 1948 m. David Pennell. She was born on the old Walker farm and raised there except when she went to Kansas to an Aunts to go to high school. She married and lived 1/4 mile from where she was born and raised. She lived there the rest of her life. (read more about them on the Pennell page) MY GREAT- GRANDPARENT'S.

E. Leila Ada Scott Aug 2, 1868 McDonough Co. Illinois d. Mar 17, 1951 m. 1st Zalmon Elsworth Hudson Sept 29, 1887. He died April 4, 1896. She married 2nd Joseph Wells Aug 23, 1899. He was born Jan 23, 1872.

L-R: Frank, Orville and Preston Hudson


(a). Frank Ross Hudson Oct 16, 1889 d. June 1948 m. Ruth Holler in 1920


i. James Hudson

ii. Max Hudson

iii. Lyle Hudson

iv. Eloise Hudson m. ___ Calabria

v. Jeanne Hudson m. __ Settles

(b). William Ellsworth Hudson b. Nov 13, 1890 d. April 5, 1893

(c). Zalmon Preston Hudson b. Aug 5, 1892 d. Aug 5, 1947 m. Blanch Boden


i. Juanita Hudson m. Cldye Miller

(d). James Orval Hudson Mar 8, 1896 d. Feb 10, 1975 m. 1st. Thurza Buckanan in 1920 m. 2nd Lucille ___

He went to France in World War I.


i. Betty Hudson m. ___Bradford

ii. Don Hudson

iii. Robert Hudson

iv. Dorothy Hudson

v. Norman Hudson m. ___Waller


Grace and Pearl Wells

Grace, Pearl and Ruth Wells

(e). Ada Grace Wells June 28, 1901 m. Steve McMahill


i. Freda McMahill m. ___ Bronfield

ii. Claire McMahill 

iii. Margie McMahill 

iv. Marsha McMahill 

v. Donald McMahill   (lived in Peoria IL)

(f). Leila Pearl Wells Nov 24, 1902 m. Richard Mansir Dec 4, 1920


i. Keith Mansir

ii. Arbon Mansir

(g). Ruth Jane Wells June 26, 1905 m. Audrey Cummings. They lived in Aurora IL


i. Joseph Cummings

ii. Delores Cumings

Leila Scott Wells Family

I think the lady in front on left is Grace, the lady standing is Ruth, lady in front next to grandma Scott is Pearl. Leila is standing behind her mother on Right and the gentlemen are the husbands of the sisters with their children.   


F. Robert Scott Nov 24, 1869 McDonough Co. Illinois

G. Andrew Walker Scott Sept 15, 1871 McDonough Co. Illinois d. Feb 2, 1955 Illinois, m. Bertha Ruebush about 1906. They had no children.

I remember them well. I visited at their house in Illinois as a child and they visited my grandparents in Sunnyvale California.  I really liked them.

Andrew Scott

Bertha and Andrew Scott

photo taken in our house in Sunnyvale CA 

H. Maggie Scott April 15, 1876 after her fathers death and  died young

(8). William Scott Aug 14, 1833 Beaver Co. PA m. Elizabeth Wells Oct 27, 1855 Beaver Co. PA


A. William Wells Oct 4, 1856 m. Louetta Jane Scott Jan 20, 1881

Children: born in Beaver Co. PA

(a). Roy Wells May 26, 1885 d. infant 

(b). Clifford Wells May 8, 1956 d. infant

(c). Howard Clifford Wells Sept 23, 1889

(d). Samuel J. Wells Aug 1, 1859

(e). Thomas Chalmer Wells April 27, 1862

(f). Ellen J. Jan 11, 1865 Wells

(g). John Howard Wells Sept 4, 1867 d. Dec 23, 1895

(h). Robert E. Wells Aug 17, 1870 d. Dec 23, 1870

(i). Charles M. Wells Sept 6, 1873

(j). Earl Franklin Wells Jan 12, 18976

(9). Rebecca Scott Aug 25, 1835 Beaver Co. PA m. David McCague May 26, 1868 Beaver Co. PA

2. John Scott 1795 Ireland, m. Susan Brooks


(1). William Scott

(2). Mary Scott 

3. Jane Scott 1797 Maryland, m. David Wallace

4. James Scott Jan 23, 1802 Maryland, d. Mar 21, 1877. Buried New Galilee, Beaver Co. PA, m. 1st Mary Gibson, 2nd Ann Jane Stewart. m. 3rd Sarah Jane Clark Aug 4, 1863 who was born July 31, 1831 Beaver Co. PA d. Sept 30, 1908 Colony Kansas

Children:  by Mary 1st wife

(1). Elizabeth Crawford Scott Sept 1, 1829 d. April 4, 1830

(2). William Gibson Scott April 7, 1832 m. Jennie ___


A. John M. Scott

B. William M. Scott

C. Francis M. Scott  m. ___Morrison

(3). John Scott  Feb 3, 1836

(4). Mary Elizabeth Scott Sept 1840 d. Jan 25, 1868 

(5). Martha Scott Jan 19, 1844 d. Sept 5, 1862

(6). Elizabeth Porter Scott by 3rd wife, Sarah Jane

(7). Mary Jane  Scott m. John B. Collins

(8). John James Scott