Updates To This Site

February 22, 2008

Posted info to MOORE page

March 3, 2008

Have added photo's to MOORE page 

March 7, 2008

I have added a page for Delbert Moore 

March 12, 2008

Have added several items over the last few days. Recheck the MOORE page and the SCOTT page for my dad's family. I found extended connections for the Scott's and other surnames married into the family, all ancestors. Very interesting to see one of the ancestors comes from New York and one comes from Ireland. I have fun discovering the connections on Ancestry.com  I think you might just read over anything that has to do with my father's families as I have added so much lately.  I should be almost done posting about my dad's ancestors. Oh!  I should mention also about the Indian connection to the Moore's. I always heard of this but we didn't know if it was true. Seems the relationship goes back to Chief of the Cherokee Indians. This was also very interesting to learn. I didn't think I would ever go back beyond William Moore born in TN, lived and buried in Lawrence Co. MO

March 17, 2008

Have opened a page for the Walker family. This is my gt-grandma Pennell's family on my mother's side.

I also opened a few pages for surnames that married into my dad's family. Carman, Cummins, and Derringer.   

April 7, 2008

Have added Links from the MOORE page to the ancestry of my grandchildren's other grandparents: WOODLIEF, HINMAN and RODEBAUGH.

April 10, 2008

Have added info for the Pennell and Scott families with photo's.

April 17, 2008

Have added pictures to Alfred Bartholomew page and stories of my childhood memories for the Bartholomew's relatives.   

May 24, 2008

Over the past month I have added many many pictures. I did not keep up with what pages I posted them to. I suggest you visit any pages that are of interest to you to see if new pictures were posted.

May 29, 2008

I added the Guy and Betty Shirley page to the index and moved a few items around. I have added many photo's of our family and some to the Shirley pages as well.

June 25th, 2008

Yesterday and today I have added lots of new info for my husbands ancestors. I added new pages for Aydelot - Adlot, Lee and Pettigrew families. They are shirtale relatives and are important because of  their connections to my husband's family.   

The new info and some of the discoveries posted in the last few days are a result of a search my daughter, Delaine, did looking for info about the people who helped to raise my husband's mother, Millie Haley, Delaine's grandmother.   

July 7, 2008

Have added a few items to the Bartholomew line. I was contacted by David Bartholomew who told me about his uncle who has been working the Bartholomew line for 15 years. Yesterday I heard from his uncle, William Bartholomew. They descend from Mathew Bartholomew Sept 21, 1810 m. Hester A. Herr Dec 28, 1837. They supplied us with more info for Mathew. We appreciate receiving the additional info and meeting 2 new cousins.  

July 23, 2008

Have posted photos to the Bartholomew page. Thanks to William Bartholomew for sending them.

July 26, 2008

Basically, the ancestry pages with photos for my husband's family and for my family are done. It took approximately six months to complete.  I hope you enjoy!

July 27, 2008

I will begin working on My Shirley Association Travel Stories.

August 3, 2008

I would like to share with you a wonderful event that happened a couple of days ago.

As you know from reading about my search for my dad that there are some unanswered questions remaining about his life and other children. We heard he had other children they would be half brothers and sisters to me. I have wished I could make contact with them. 

I flew to Los Angeles area in October 1996 to see if I could find any info for my dad's marriage after my mother. We had the gal's name and address. Relatives of my dad sent me pictures of a baby named Craig Alva Moore. I found the marriage license and the birth certificate for Craig. I wrote to all Craig Moore's I could find, about 30 of them. No response. I figured I would never learn anything more.

As I sat working on the computer the evening of Aug 1st, an email arrived. I was deep into one of my travel stories I was wanting to get it posted that evening. I wasn't going to click on it as I figured it a pass it on email and I was deep into one of my stories.  In about a minute  I decided to see who it was from just in case... and I didn't recognize the emailer but the subject got my attention right immediately! It said, Craig Alva Moore. I did a double take and said to myself, this must be from someone who knows him or knew him. Well, this is what it said, short and to the point. My name is Craig Ericson.  I am the son of Craig Alva Moore.  I just showed my father your web site. He is very interested in talking with you.  He can be reached at and gave the phone number. 

I just stared at the screen for a few minutes to let this sink in. Then I quickly emailed back to see if it was to late to call him. It was 8PM here and I didn't know where I would be calling. I waited for 5 minutes and didn't get a reply so I took my chances and called. They were in Utah and was hoping I would call. I talked to my half brother for about 20 minutes. When I realized I was calling to his cell phone I thought I should get off and talk to him later on a landline.

I came back to the computer to see if his son answered about it being too late to call and here was an email from Craig's mother, the gal that married my dad. She was happy to find me too!  Seems they have been looking for my dad's ancestry from time to time and could find nothing. She gave me her address and phone number. She lives in Southern California.  I emailed her and said I would call the next morning. I did and we talked for over an hour. She is 85 years of age. I told her technically she is my step mother.... and we chuckled. It was fun and we plan to meet sometime in the future. She shared what she knew about my dad and her stories were much the same as what I heard when he was married to my mom. So there was some closure to questions I had pondered over the years. 

Retiring from the Shirley Association so I could do some things I wanted to do such as a personal webpage has paid off. This would have never happened had I not posted the info about my dad.

August 15, 2008

I have finished with the page for MY SHIRLEY ASSOCIATION TRAVEL STORIES. I hope you enjoy reading of our experiences as we traveled here and there.

October 3, 2008

September has come and gone. I am sad to say Craig Jr. died Sept 16th. He is the young man who found our website and showed it to his father and emailed me to say his dad would like to talk to me. I have posted a photo of him taken a few weeks before he died.

Sept 29th I met my step mom, Luana, 2nd wife of my dad. I have posted our photo on my Dad's page.

October 18th I will meet my half brother, Craig Sr. for the first time. I am looking forward to it.   

October 25, 2008

I met Craig and his wife, Carol, last Saturday Oct. 18th. We had a nice visit over dinner in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was quite an experience meeting each other in our senior years. Smile! Photo on Delbert Moore's page

February 1, 2009

Have added more photos to Guy and Betty Shirley Family page.

June 14th, 2009

Our Shirley Family Reunion June 6th, 2009 with photos

July 22, 2009 Betty Shirley, creator of this website suffered a stoke at her home in Cupertino, Califonia.  While in the Emergency room, she suffer a second more massive stroke and lost all brain actitivity right before our eyes.  We had hoped she'd pull through, but she didn't.

July 24, 2009  With her family by her side, Betty Shirley passed away peacefully.  I am delighted that the last Shirley family meeting was at our Shirley Family reunion, with the family that began mom's 35 year endeavor to solve the mysteries in the family history.  I am priviledge to have the prior 11 months working with my mom, Betty Shirley to develop this website.  I know nothing about web design, but I will learn it and carry on with all the things she wanted to get loaded up here.  I intend to load videos, larger photo albums and lots of new special features that were in Betty's plans, but she just ran out of time.  She knows with me she left her family research in good hands.  I will prove her right.  We miss mom in more ways imaginable, she was one of a kind.  Delaine Shirley Noyer, 3rd Daught to Guy & Betty Shirley.

August 28, 2010 Guy Murray Shirley passed away;his heart just gave out.  He suffered a stoke in December 2009 after Mom died.  This stroket left him in a wheelchair and unable to speak.  Three of us daughters kept him active in senior art & music classes and he livedat his home with great care givers overnight.  He seem happy enough to have so many people looking after him, he didn't suffer too terribly, we gave him his hearts desire whenever we could and he remain alert right to the end.  We miss him dearly, but he's with Mom now and they are both in a better place with all our loved ones who passed before us.