Norris surname

George Norris 1672 Fleet Bay Lancaster County Virginia, married Judith Horton.


1. George Norris  no info available

2. John Norris born about 1700 Droghega, Ireland. 


(1). Joseph P. Norris, Sr. born January 11, 1729 Sharpsburg, Washington County Maryland, died Mar 18, 1813 Penn Twp. Huntington Co. PA, married Mary Moody born Nov 30, 1730 Wales, died Dec 17, 1817 Penn Twp. Huntington Co. PA. 

Mary was the  daughter of William Moody Sept 18, 1692 Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire Co. England and Mary Young born May 20, 1718. William Moody was the son of John Moody, Jr. Berkley, Glouchestershire, England, son of John Moody, Sr. who married Esther Trotman born Sept 18, 1691 Stinchcombe, England. Esther's parents were Nicholas Trotman chr. May 18, 1650 Cambridge, England married to Ann Hicks born Cambridge, England.

They lived in Sharpsburg near Hagerstown until  they moved to Pennsylvania with some of their grown children.  Some descendants say it was about 1763 others say it was more like 1781.    

They settled on the Raystown branch of the Juniata River and he acquired a farm that had belonged to the Sanders family who had all been killed by Indians in 1780. This farm of 390 acres was at that time in Hopewell, Twp. of Bedford Co. PA. Later it became part of Penn Twp. in Huntington Co. PA.


A.  Elizabeth Norris Oct 11, 1750, m. Adam Mover

B.. Eleanor Norris April 17, 1752, m. Adam Metcalf

C. John Davis Norris March 16, 1754

D. William Norris Feb 7, 1756

E Mary Norris Jan 1760, m. Peter Wagoner

F. Sarah Norris Nov 3, 1763, m. David Jackson

G. Lida Norris Oct 10, 1761, m. John Garney

H. Ruhannah Norris Dec 21, 1765 m. George Shirley born 1761 PA, died May 8, 1824 Morgan Co. Ohio

George Shirley and Ruhannah lived near Saxton in Bedford Co. PA. He served during the Revolutionary War as a fifer in Captain Lawrence Keene's Company, Colonel John Patton's Regiment of Foot, Continental Troops. He enlisted Apr 24, 1777 and his name last appears on the company pay roll Apr 1779.

The Shirleys left Bedford Co. PA and went to Ohio. They built a raft and with all of their household goods, went down the Monongahela River to Pittsburgh and then down the Ohio River to Marietta, Washington Co. Ohio.


(a). John Shirley 1787 Olive Twp, Huntington Co. PA, died Mar 5, 1853 Rome Twp. Athens Co. Ohio. He married  1st Catherine Shanklen May 14, 1811 in Washington Co. Ohio born 1792 d. 1821. He married 2nd Maria Mathews June 20, 1822 in Morgan Co. Ohio May 10, 1797 VA d. Sept 27, 1887 Rome, Athens Co. Ohio. 

John enlisted in the War of 1812 at Marietta Ohio office in May of 1813. He was a private under Capt. Absalom Martin and General William H. Harrison. He served in the Ohio Militia under Capt. Hill.

children by Catherine Shanklen

i. Ruhannah Shirley

ii. James Shirley

iii. William Shirley m. Elizabeth Ralph Feb 18, 1841

vi. Barbara Shirley m. John Johnston Sept 19, 1844 Athens Co. OH

v. Elizabeth Shirley m. Bailey Munn Nov 29, 1838 Athens Co. OH

vi. Jesse Shirley June 1820  m. Rebecca France Mar 27, 1841 Athens Co. OH born Nov 22, Muskingum, OH

vii. George Shirley 1821 m. Cynthia Ann Curtis Jan 15, 1848 Athens Co. OH

viii. Nancy Shirley m. Jacob Stanley Mar 17, 1844 Athens Co. OH

children by Maria Mathews

ix. John Grant Shirley Dec 1825 Morgan Co. Ohio, died May 23, 1908 San Fernando Valley, CA. m. 1st Mary Jane Coleman July 28, 1853 Athens Co. Ohio born 1838, d. 1862 Ft. Smith, Arkansas, m. 2nd Eliza A. Box Jan 11, 1866 Arkansas, MO

x.  Joseph Shirley Mar 3, 1827Athens Co. Ohio, died Dec 11, 1900 m. Laurinda Totman Jan 28, 1849 Athens Co. Ohio

xi. Maria Shirley Feb 22, 1829 Athens Co. Ohio, d. Oct 29, 1913 Beebe, Athens Co. Ohio, m. George France Jan 28, 1851 Athens Co. Ohio born July 4, 1830 Decatur Twp Washington Co. Ohio, died Mar 9, 1903 Beebe, Athens co. Ohio

xii. Wesley Shirley1831 Cincinnati, Ohio

xiii. Nelson Shirley July 29, 1833 died Aug 19, 1890 buried Decatur Twp, Washington Co. Ohio  m. 1st Elizabeth ___, 2nd Lucy Wickham . Nelson was injured in the Civil War. He was a blacksmith.

xiv. Silas Shirley Mar 19, 1836 Morgan Co. OH, died Feb 29, 1924 Logan Co. AR.   m. 1st Abigail Driggs April 2, 1856 Athens Co. OH, m. 2nd Letha Yielding Lowry Oct 16, 1881 Logan Co. AR (they divorced), m. 3rd Arbelle Copeland Jan 1, 1885. Silas was in the Civil War. His description lists him having  blue eyes, height was 5 ft 7in. 

xv. Jane Shirley Jan 2, 1839 Athens Co. Ohio d. Jan 27, 1928 Strouds Run, Athens Co. OH  m. Phillip Totman May 1, 1855 Athens Co. OH born Feb 19, 1827 OH, d. Dec 12, 1887 Rome, Athens Co. OH

xvi. Elisha Shirley1841 Athens Co. Ohio d.  1864 Paris, Logan Co. AR   

(b). William Shirley 1789 d. ca 1805 Scott Co. KY, m. 1st __, m. 2nd Margaret Johnson, widow of William Johnson

William and Margaret Shirley left Bedford Co. PA about 1799 and went to Scott Co. Kentucky. William Shirley's will of 1805 did not mention his son George, however in the 1811 reversion George is mentioned.


i. Rebecca Shirley b. May 9, 1751    

ii. William Shirley b. ___  died 1788 PA

iii. Richard Shirley 1755  died 1788. He was killed by an Indians raid in Woodcock Valley, Bedford Co. PA. He was a Ranger in Capt. Phillips company. He married Rachael Moore.

iv. John Shirley

v. George Shirley

vi. Sarah Shirley  married Charles Johnson. He served from Maryland beginning in 1775.

vii. Robert Shirley 1775, died Nov 16, 1832 Bullitt Co. KY. m. Elizabeth Cardwell Dec 28, 1811 Scott Co. KY, born about 1773. He served in Capt. Jacob Peacock's Company, 13th Reg't of KY Militia, commanded by Col John Davis at Battle of New Orleans. He served from Oct 1814 to April 1815.  

(c). Joseph S.Shirley Mar 25, 1793 died Aug 11, 1864 Poyner, Black Hawk Co. Iowa, m. Elizabeth Keith Dec 6, 1814  Morgan Co. OH. . She was born April 11, 1797 Hopewell, Huntington PA, died Oct 5, 1868 Poyner, Black Hawk Co. Iowa, daughter of  Peter Phelps Keith b. May 6, 1765 d. Aug 24, 1846 Flora, Boone Co. Illinois and Maria Heade born Feb 6, 1766 Lancaster, PA d. Oct 10, 1847 in Flora, Boone. Peter was the son of John Adam Keith who was the son of Adam Keith 1720 Scotland d. Nov 2, 1808 Huntingdon Co. PA


i. Peter Shirley June 15, 1815 Morgan Co. OH, d. Jan 27,  1894 Boone, Illinois, m. Catherine Witter March  29, 1846 Boone, Illinois Born Nov 24, 1808 Union Co. Indiana

ii. Nancy Shirley 1817 Morgan Co. OH m. Jacob Cline Apr 1837 in Richland Co. OH

iii. Lewis Shirley March 1, 1820 Morgan Co. OH d. May 13, 1898 Cherry Valley, Winnebago Co. Illinois, m. Lucinda Keith Jan  6, 1843 Winnebago, Illinois. She was born Sep 15, 1820 Morgan, Ohio died  Nov 1, 1888 Winnebago Co. Illinois. She was the daughter of Bolzar Keith b, 1795 Hopewell, Huntington Co. PA d. Feb 26, 1874 Massillon, Cedar Co. Iowa and Lucinda Smith April 16, 1799 Westfield, Marion Co. OH d. Oct 11, 1838 in Cherry Valley, Winnebago, Illinois

iv. George Benjamin Shirley Dec 22, 1821 Morgan Co. OH d. May 27, 1901 Poyner, Black Hawk, Illinois, m. Louise Clarkson Nov 18, 1845, Winnebago Co. Illinois, m. 2nd Hannah Pierce May 21, 1857, m. 3rd Selena Coke

v. Ruhama Shirley 1822 Morgan Co. OH, m. William S. Mervin Oct 3, 1844 Winnebago Co. Illinois

vi. Julia Ann Shirley Mar 10, 1825 Morgan Co. OH, d. Jan 6, 1911 m. William Witter Nov 18, 1845

(d). Elizabeth Shirley July 21, 1797 Washington Co. OH d. May 31, 1868 Scipio Township, La Porte, Indiana, m. Adam Keith Aug 8, 1815 Waterford, Washington Co. OH, he was born Nov 15, 1795 Huntingdon Co, PA. died Mar 16, 1883  Beaver City, Furnas Co. Nebraska

(e). Lewis Shirley 1799 d. Dec 6, 1872 Flora Township, Flora Co. Illinois m.1st  Julia Keith Sept 21, 1819 in Center, Morgan Co. Ohio, she was born 1803 in Hopewell, Huntingdon Co. PA died 1837 Cherry Valley, Winnebago, Illinois daughter of Peter Phelps Keith May 6, 1765 Huntington Co. PA d. Aug 24, 1846 Flora, Boone Co. Illinois and Maria Heade. NOTE: Julia Keith and Elizabeth Keith (sisters) married Lewis Shirley and Joseph Shirley (brothers). Lewis Shirley m. 2nd Mary O'Hara, m. 3rd Mary Ann Keith born Jan 1, 1808 in Hopewell, Huntingdon, PA died Oct 21, 1870 in Cherry Valley, Winnebago, Illinois. NOTE: She was the daughter of Peter Phelps Keith and sister of Julia and Elizabeth Keith.


i. Silas Shirley1818 OH

ii. Mary Ann Shirley Mar 15, 1819 La Porte Co. IN

iii. Jane Shirley Feb 1826

iv. Adam Keith Shirley Oct 10, 1829 La Porte Co. IN

v. Lewis Shirley Jan 12, 1833

vi. Sophia Z. Shirley 1834

vii. Charles W. Shirley Aug 17, 1835 La Porte Co. IN

viii. Elizabeth Shirley 1837

(f). Mary Shirley 1802 m. George Ogle Apr 8, 1813 in Salem, Washington Co. OH, born Apr 12,  1782 Ireland d. Dec 11, 1854

I. Nancy Ann Norris Jan 1, 1766, m. Hugh Johnson

J. Ruhama Norris born Dec 21, 1767

K. Jane Norris Aug 19, 1772, m. William Enyeart

L. Joseph Norris Jr. Aug 18, 1774 Bedford Co. PA