Shirley Association Travel Stories  


June 1979 Shirley Plantation in VA, 1st Shirley Convention

July 1980  San Jose, California 2nd Shirley Convention

June 1981 Lexington, Kentucky 3rd Shirley Convention 

July 1983  Anderson, South Carolina, 4th Shirley Convention

July 1984 Winchester, Virginia Shirley Meeting

May 1985 England Trip 

June 1985 Indianapolis, Marion Co. Indiana 5th Shirley Convention plus Shirley meetings in Anderson South Carolina, Northport Alabama, Meridian Mississippi, Jackson Mississippi, Memphis Tennessee, and Hartsburg Illinois.

Oct 1985 Fresno California, Brentwood California, Ontario California, Orange California, San Jose California Shirley Meetings

June 1986 England tour with 100+American Shirleys       

Oct 1986 Houston, Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City, OK  Shirley Meetings

June 1987  Williamsburg, Virginia 6th Shirley Convention

June 1987 Historical tour to New England following Shirley Convention in Williamsburg, VA. 

30+ Shirley's, and a meeting in Boston Massachusetts. The group visited NH, NY, PA & made several stops in Virginia. We attended services in the Broad Run Baptist church in Prince William County VA and visited St. Stephens church in Northumberland Co. VA.

October 1987 Anaheim, California Shirley Meeting

March 1988 Honea Path, South Carolina Shirley Meeting

May 1988 Honea Path, South Carolina (work week)

May 1989   England, International Shirley Convention and Tour                               

May 1989 Ireland Visit and Shirley Meeting

June 1989 Tulsa, Oklahoma 7th Shirley Convention

Oct 1989 Australia, New Zealand Shirley Meetings

June 1990 Cave City, Kentucky. 8th Shirley Convention. Meetings in GA, TN and SC

Nov 1990 Phoenix, Arizona Shirley Meetings

June 1991 Manassas in Prince William Co. VA, 9th Shirley Convention. Shirley Meetings in Laurens Co. SC, Lavonia, GA, Clarkesville, GA

Oct 1991 Little Rock, AR, Oklahoma City, OK, Dallas, Texas and Sacramento, CA Shirley Meetings

June 1992 Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon Shirley Meetings

July 1992 Ettington Park in England and Dublin, Ireland Shirley Meetings

June 1993 St. Louis, Missouri 10th Shirley Convention

Sept 1993 Syracuse, New York Shirley Meeting and visit to Prince Edward Island in Canada to the home of Anne Shirley of Green Gables fame

June 1995 Shirley Plantation and the Richmond Virginia area 11th Shirley convention. After the convention, our family went on a cruise and we visited Antiqua, and Barbados and ...did some research too! (Gov Wm. Shirley's son, Thomas, had been here).

April 2000 Jackson Mississippi

July 2000 England Tour

May 2001 Seattle Washington  Shirley Meeting

June 2004 Richmond Virginia 12th Shirley Convention

October 2004 Houston TX Shirley Meeting

June 2005 Ringgold Georgia  Shirley Meeting

June 2006 England  (multiple meetings) 


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